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Branch Chairman Position Updated

Wednesday - January 27th, 2019

Jack has been monitoring discussions concerning Branch Committee Nominations to be presented at the AGM and has decided that despite his eye condition, he will be standing again for election as Branch Chairman.

This has not been an easy decision for him, but he is not prepared to see the functioning of the branch and its welfare support suffer in any way.

Jack trusts that he will have your support for election at the AGM.

Branch Chairman Position

Wednesday - January 2nd, 2019

As you are probably aware over the last few years I have been struggling with deteriorating eye sight. I have now reached the stage when I cannot continue to be your Branch Chairman or Vice-Chairman, and I will not be seeking re-election at the February AGM.

It is therefore most important to find a volunteer to take on this position. This must be done urgently in order that the Branch continues to function and provide valuable welfare services to the RAF family.

This position whilst being important is not very difficult and every help will be given to any volunteer.

So, please come forward and contact the Branch Secretary before the AGM so that we can keep the branch running in the way it is.

Jack Griggs,
Acting Chairman

Branch Situation

Wednesday - October 17, 2018

Firstly, the Dinner-dance in September was a huge success and thanks to all the committee members who put in a lot of work. We are hoping that the Christmas Dinner-dance on December 6th will be equally as good - book your tickets now.

There have been a number of Committee changes over the last couple of months, firstly with regret Anne Roberts has had to resign from the Vice-Chairman position, so we are now again looking for a replacement. Also, Constance has taken on the role of Events Co-ordinator and we have added 2 further people to the committee. Archie Ferrier has taken on the role of Membership Secretary and Mike Greenwood is filling a new role of Mollina District Co-ordinator. Details on the website Committee page will be updated as soon as possible.

Jack Griggs,
Acting Chairman

Newsletter Editor

Tuesday - April 18, 2017

Enid Bamber has taken over as Newsletter Editor.

If anyone has any articles, notices or other items for the Newsletter please let Enid know.

We wish Enid all the best in her new role.

Volunteers for Branch Committee Needed

Sunday - April 2, 2017

We urgently require volunteers to serve on the Branch Committee.

It is not possible to give full attention to everything when the small numbers on the committee have to do several jobs at the same time.

Please help us improve our branch by coming forward to help, especially on the social side.

Branch Contacts

Sunday - January 1, 2017

Following the Branch name change, here are the contact e-mail addresses for Key Members.

secretary@rafacostadelsol.co.uk - For all general enquiries and contact.
welfare@rafacostadelsol.co.uk - For all welfare matters and enquiries.
newsletter@rafacostadelsol.co.uk - For newsletter items etc.
pro@rafacostadelsol.co.uk - For Public Relations and advertising matters.
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